Bathroom Renovation Timeline

The times it takes to complete a bathroom renovation vary’s because every renovation is unique.

On average, our bathroom renovations takes just under 3 weeks, which is quite a mission considering there are at least 11 trades working back to back!

Every bathroom is different and will have a different schedule. Below is a typical timeline for a medium sized bathroom with tiles to the ceiling.

Day 1-2 

  • Project manager meet owner 7.30-8.00am
    • Materials delivered on-site
    • Floor protection laid
    • Strip out

Day 3-4

  • Plumber to modify pipework and install mixers/taps
    • Electrician to modify points

Day 4-6

  • Renderer/Gyprocker to prepare walls.

Day 7-8

  • Waterproofing

 Day 8-14

  • Tiling

 Day 14-15

  • Measure for shower screen
    • Install cornice

 Day 15-18

  • • Plumber to fit out
    • Electrician to fit out
    • Paint cornice and ceiling
    • Install accessories

 Day 23-26

  • Install shower screen & mirrors
    • Final clean and inspection

Please be aware that there are not trades on-site every day. There will be gaps in-between the renovation when no one is on-site. It is extremely difficult to have every trade come in back to back because they are finishing other jobs and sometimes take a little longer than expected. We constantly have to shuffle our trades around to meet finish dates deadlines.

Ultimately, our goal is to finish on or before the agreed finish date and deliver the highest quality workmanship available.