How to add value to your property with bathroom renovations

When renovating your property, the bathroom should be one of your priorities.

In most cases, renovating your bathroom can add double the amount you spend towards the value of your house and makes it a much easier process when it comes to selling.

As the bathroom is a wet area, you should use a mould-resistant paint for the ceiling. The vanity unit, shower, toilet and bath need to contrast into the colours of the paint and tiles.

If you are renovating a bathroom, you may wish to use tiles from floor to ceiling. This is just a small extra expense which makes a major difference on the impact of the bathroom – especially for re-sale.

If it’s a small unit or a cheaper home, it may not be worth the cost. This is also true for expensive fittings, the use of marble/granite, and luxuries such as heated towel racks or toilet seats. Be careful not to overcapitalise.

If you are renovating a large home of three bedrooms or more and space permits, you might consider including a bath. Baths are always good for re-sale value especially if your prospected sales target are family orientated.

However, don’t install a combined bath and shower. These are out dated. Only reason i would suggest this if its a extremely small space to work with.

Shower curtains are also no longer acceptable, regardless of how inexpensive your property is.

Glass shower screens are the way to go, especially frameless shower screens.

It is important to maintain modern bathroom standards, so install a three-in-one light fan and heating unit, LED lights, and consider incorporating mixer taps for both the vanity and the shower area, because these are becoming popular in almost all bathrooms.

Ensure your bathroom offers enough storage.

This can be in the form of cupboards under the vanity unit or wall-mounted cabinets if they suit the design of the bathroom. I always like to incorporate a shaving cabinet above the basin for extra storage without consuming valuable bathroom space.