Transforming Spaces: A Stunning Bathroom Renovation in Sydney

Welcome to our bathroom renovation blog, where we’ll be delving into the world of exquisite bathroom transformations right here in Sydney. If you’re considering revitalizing your bathroom space, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the latest trends, practical tips, and creative ideas to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Sydney’s Bathroom Trends: Sydney’s design scene is known for its fusion of modern elegance and coastal charm. Discover how to incorporate these elements into your bathroom renovation. From sleek minimalism to the use of natural textures, we’ll show you how to create a space that’s both stylish and functional.

2. Coastal Oasis: Embrace Sydney’s coastal vibe by incorporating ocean-inspired hues, soft blues, sandy beige, and crisp whites into your bathroom design. We’ll guide you through choosing tiles, fixtures, and accessories that evoke a calming seaside retreat.

3. Space-Savvy Solutions: Sydney’s urban living often calls for smart space utilization. Explore clever storage ideas, compact fixtures, and layout optimizations that can transform even the smallest bathroom into a practical and organized oasis.

4. Luxurious Retreats: Uncover the secrets to creating a luxurious bathroom experience right in your Sydney home. From indulgent freestanding tubs to spa-like showers, we’ll explore ways to add a touch of opulence to your renovation project.

5. Natural Elements: Sydney’s connection to nature is undeniable. Learn how to bring the outdoors in by using materials like timber, stone, and greenery in your bathroom design. Discover the beauty of indoor plants that thrive in a bathroom environment.

6. Vintage Revival: Explore the charm of Sydney’s historic architecture by incorporating vintage elements into your bathroom renovation. From classic clawfoot tubs to retro-inspired fixtures, we’ll guide you through creating a bathroom that pays homage to the city’s rich past.

7. Technology and Innovation: Sydney is a hub for technological innovation, and your bathroom can be a showcase for the latest advancements. Discover high-tech toilets, smart mirrors, and other futuristic fixtures that can enhance your daily routine.

8. DIY Delights: For those who love getting hands-on, we’ll share some exciting DIY projects to add a personal touch to your bathroom renovation. From crafting custom storage solutions to creating unique wall art, these projects will make your bathroom truly one-of-a-kind.

9. Finding the Right Professionals: Embarking on a bathroom renovation journey in Sydney requires the expertise of skilled professionals. We’ll provide insights into selecting the best contractors, designers, and suppliers to ensure your project goes smoothly.

10. Showcasing Sydney Success Stories: Read about real-life bathroom renovation success stories from Sydney homeowners. Gain inspiration from their experiences, challenges, and ultimate triumphs in creating their dream bathrooms.

Whether you’re located in the heart of Sydney or its surrounding areas, this blog aims to be your ultimate resource for everything bathroom renovation-related. Stay tuned as we dive into each topic, offering guidance, inspiration, and practical advice to help you achieve the bathroom makeover you’ve been envisioning. Let’s embark on this renovation journey together and transform your bathroom into a Sydney masterpiece.

How long does a Bathroom Renovation really take?

Bathroom renovations are most definitely not an overnight project. Achieving your dream home takes a lot of planning and time to ensure everything works smoothly when the renovation has been completed.  For first timers, it can be difficult to understand the timeline of a renovation project and today we have given you a rough guideline to make sure your boxes toward the perfect bathroom have been ticked! 

Pre Construction Phase


It is important to have an understanding of what you are after in terms of your renovation, so that you can find a contractor who aligns well with what you are trying to achieve. Going in with a solid plan on layout + general vibe of materials and products will make the discussion and planning process of your renovation far more efficient. 

 2. Find the Right Renovation Company  ( 1 – 4 weeks ) 

It is incredibly important to look around and find a company that really represents you and your style! A lot of renovation companies specialise in a specific look or atmosphere so find someone who aligns with yours. Are you looking for a Full or Partial Renovation? This is important to note as a few companies don’t actually offer partial renovation services. 

 3. Sign Contracts and Finalise construction Schedules.  ( 1 week ) 
Once you have decided on a contractor that best fits you, they will have a contract put together for you to Sign before construction commences. The contract will comprise of information regarding The work that needs to be done, An estimate timeline for completion and timing of payments throughout project. Make sure to read through this contract thouroughly and look out for any fineprint that you must be aware of. 
 4. Obtain Permits and Approvals (Ranges widely depending on which approvals you need for this project, be prepared and allow for weeks – months) 

Obtaining Permits and Approvals will be the one place where problems can occur. If you are renovating an apartment room or spaces that aren’t stand alone houses, you need to attain board approval. This alone can take a few months! 

 5. Source Materials (Wide range, prepare in advance for weeks) 
If you are responsible for sourcing all the materials, then make sure to place orders as soon as the design plan has been completed! Shopping for features to include in your bathroom can be a very enjoyable and exciting experience. However in saying this, it won’t be fun having to delay construction time because one of your features (eg. Toilet, bath, shower) hasn’t been delivered on time. Here at Lukes Renovations  we supply everything you need in a bathroom, from toilet paper dispensers to Luxurious Hovering Vanities. 

Construction Phase

  1. Demolition ( 1 day ) 
It is demolition time!! Now that all the paperwork is done, it is finally time to start creating the bathroom of your dreams! Depending on the size of your bathroom and the intricacies on what you want to keep and what you want to do, this process shouldn’t take for than 4 hours 🙂 
 2. Reroute plumbing and Electrical ( 1- 3 days ) 
By this stage, your bathroom should be stripped completely and it is time to reroute plumbing and electrical, which can take anywhere between 1-3 days depending on the amount of work that needs to be completed on origional  framework. 
 3. Installation – Floor Tiles (1/2 – 1 day ) 

Depending on the size of your space, laying down the floor tiles should only really take half a day to a full day max. It must be so exciting seeing it all come together! 

4. Installation complete ( 1- 3 days ) 

Now that the foundation and floor have been set up, it is now time to start piecing your oasis together! This stage is where all shower, bath, toilet, accessory, tile, lighting and shelving fittings will be completed. You should expect this process to take 1-3 days give or take. 

 5. Clean Up Day (1 day) 
Contracts state that the space be left in “broom swept” condition, however we highly recommend hiring a cleaner to thoroughly clean the space! This way, when you first use your bathroom it is in immaculate condition and you have nothing to do… but relax!

Post Construction Phase

 1.Final walk through with contractors ( 30 mins ) 
After spending all this time and money on renovating your new bathroom, you want to make sure everything is working perfectly! Walk through the space testing, doors, drawers, taps etc and make sure everything works as it is supposed to. After this process, we recommend leaving a notepad in your bathroom and jotting down anything that your contractor may need to fix! Do this for two weeks while living in your new home without speaking to your contractor, then inform them of everything that needs correction. 


 2. Punch List Items ( 1 Day ) 
If you are unfamiiar with the phrase “punch list” it essentially reffers to items requiring immediate attention. Once your contractor has this list and has rendered any complications then it is time to make payment on that last installment!!


And there you have it!! The ultimate time guideline to your next bathroom renovation! 



Bill Andrews
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Outstanding!I recently came across Luke's Bathrooms from a google search. I was fortunate enough to have Luke come out on the same day, that I enquired about having a quote done.Luke's knowledge, customer service and general approach exceeded my expectations. He provided his insights on potential options for a relatively small bathroom at a great price.Following this, I visited his showroom and he was able to help bring together all aspects of the renovation with fittings that met my needs.The actual renovation itself was so easy and painless. Luke managed every aspect of this. His team did an amazing job and the quality of the finished product was of the highest standard. Everyone who has seen the before and after bathroom cannot believe the transformation. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the work done by Luke's bathrooms.I would not hesitate to recommend Luke and his team and I will definitely engage with them again in the future.On a personal note, Luke is one of the few genuine tradesmen and people in the market who can be trusted and I have enjoyed doing business with.Thanks for everything Luke. All the best in the new showroom.Bill (Newtown)
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We had Luke Bathroom Renovations to renovate our bathroom at Seven hills. Luke was communicating clearly and proactively with us for each and every step from the start till that we had our first shower in the beautifully completed Bathroom by Luke and his team. Luke and his team were all very professional and more importantly customer- focussed. They all listened to our words carefully and delivered what we expected for best price with a quality which was second to none. Luke coordinated all the trades very well to get our job done smoothly. We have not come across any issues in our bathroom. It is all about the value of Luke’s professional service and works. We highly recommend for stress-free bathroom renovations with high quality workmanship and products for reasonable price on time.

The Ultimate Guide to Renovation Costs

There are so many great reasons to undergo renovation! To redefine your style, to increase resale value or to simply improve quality of life. The biggest issue people come across when making the big decision to renovate is the price! I cannot count the amount of times a customer has been in shock when hearing the cost of a full renovation and it simply comes down to lack of education and awareness on the topic! Which is why, today I am laying it all out on the table so next time you get a quote… your eyes don’t pop out of your head. 
Renovations can vary heavily depending on project to project. Minimum or low scale full renovations will usually cost you anywhere from $20,000 + where as higher scale renovation can be reaching 30,000 +.  

Factors that Effect Renovation Cost

  • Condition Of the Site
    The condition of the site is factored into consideration when quoting a renovation. Conflicting Utilities, Infected Materials, Ground Water, Buried Storage Tanks and archaeological sites are all things we must think about before determining the cost of the renovation. 
  • Project Schedule 
    Every project has an estimated timeline that most renovation and labour companies hope to adhere to, ensuring the job is completed efficiently for their client. However in saying this, unexpected circumstances do arise which can heavily effect the cost of the project. Circumstances that lengthen the projected time period increase indirect cost and labour etc. 
  • Size 
    The size of the space being renovated influences the cost due to extra time and more materials etc. Depending on how complicated the site is can also increase the cost of the project due to hiring more tradesmen and longer project completion. 
  • Materials
    Location of materials matter more than you know! If they are available closer to the site then cost of materials will be low, however if they are being transported and or are only available from further distances, cost of materials will increase. Also the furniture and fittings (Tiles, Benches, Vanities, Toilets etc) of the chosen project will vary estimated cost. These sorts of things often vary so much in cost so it is very useful to have an idea of the fitting your are looking at including to give a proper estimate. 
  • Location 
    Tradesmen often have to factor in the location of the space they will be renovating. Is it a one or two story house? An apartment/unit? These matter because of the transportation of materials, how easy is it to get all the furnishings in and out of the renovation space. In regards to location, where about your space is located in your city determines cost of transportation. Time is money, so if tradesmen are spending large amounts of time travelling to and from the site, it prolongs project finish time and and cost of tradesmen increases as time is wasted. 

Renovations can be one of the most exciting experiences! Do not let the price weigh you down and stress you out. After reading this, take into consideration all of thee factors and you will be well prepared for your next renovation! 

Bathroom of your Dreams for Just $18990

Renovating houses for over a decade and working closely with clients everyday has made us strive to provide the best quality service at the most affordable prices. To make your life easier and your wallet a little lighter, we have created a few great packages that completely transform your bathroom into your dream escape, with the cheapest package ranging at just $18990! 

Basic Package

$ 18990
  • Demolition
  • Installation of Toilet, Taps, Drainage, Vanity and Accessories
  • Disconnection of plumbing and electrical fittings
  • Floor Protection
  • 2 coats of waterproofing (inc. Certificate)
  • Installation of wall and floor tiles
  • Rubbish Removal

To further our services and make life easier for you we have also included the following fittings:

– 30×60 Ceramic wall tiles 
– 30×30 Ceramic Floor tiles
– 600mm pencil edge mirror 
– 600mm Ceramic Vanity 
– Basin Tap Sets
– Shower Tap sets 
– Standard Shower Head 
– Custom made framed shower screen 
– Bathroom Accessories ( i.e. Towel Ring, Towel Rack, Toilet Paper Holder ) 
– Close coupled toilet 

Enquire Now

Free tiles of choice with your next renovation!

Here at Luke’s bathroom Renovations were not content with just providing amazing bathroom Reno’s at the most affordable prices, we love to take the extra step to make your renovation service that much better!

Luke’s bathroom renovation are giving away FREE wall & floor tiles of your choice (valued at up to $2000) to all bathroom renovations booked with us before the 29th of June, 2018.

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The importance of PREPARATION for mosaic/subway tiling!

Bathroom renovations involve a series of events starting from the initial disconnection of fittings up to the finalisation of the bathroom.

The importance of each step completed correctly for the next tradesmen is crucial! Failure to do so will create a domino effect with the whole bathroom compromising the finish. 

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Choosing a renovation team vs DIY!

When renovating a bathroom, it is extremely important to have a team of reliable and talented tradesmen. We have managed to build a solid team of tradesmen who not only love renovating bathrooms but are also extremely talented!

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