The Bathroom GLOSSARY

New to the world of bathrooms? Heres a simple guide that will help you understand the most popular terms.


Bevelled tiles Tiles with an angled edge.

Bi-fold door Two door panels that are connected by hinges and fold in the middle to open. Excellent for showers in a small bathroom.

Cistern The tank that holds the water used to flush a toilet.

Claw-foot Refers to a freestanding bath with four claw shaped feet.

Clicker waste An alternative to a sink plug that must be clicked to drain the water

Cornice An ornamental moulding around the wall of a room, just below the ceiling.

Diverter The fixture that enables water to be accessed by either the bath or the shower. Generally a mixer tap with an extra button.

Drop-in Bath A bath that is installed into the floor. It has an extended rim that is visible.

Encaustic tiles Inlaid tiles dating back to the 12th century, which comes in a range of striking patterns

Ensuite bathroom An extra bathroom that is usually attached to the master bedroom.

Finger-pull drawers or cabinets Handle-less cabinets or drawers with a recess at the top or bottom to allow them to be opened.

Floor-mounted tap A tall tap that is attached to the floor to be used with freestanding baths.

Flush plate The toilet-flushing buttons that are attached directly to the wall when the cistern has been concealed in the wall.

Frameless shower screen A shower screen made of glass panels without a metal or plastic trim around the edges. The sleek design gives the bathroom a more open, spacious feel

Freestanding bath A type of bath that is not attached to any walls, but instead is installed through the floor.

Hand shower A shower head with a long hose attachment. It sits in a bracket and is easily adjusted.

LED lighting Popular lighting style for bathrooms as its durable and energy sufficient. Often used to highlight areas such as vanities.

Mixer tap A tap with a lever that mixes both hot and cold water before it reaches the outlet.

Porcelain tiles Tiles that come glazed of full-bodied (also known as vitrified), which means the pattern runs right through them.

Rain shower head A shower head designed to mimic rainfall.

Subway tiles An oblong-shaped tile, generally laid in a brick pattern.

Trap In plumbing, a trap is the S or U. This is used beneath a vanity or toilet to eliminate smell.

Travertine tiles Tiles made from a form of limestone.

Underfloor heating A method of heating through the floor. Works especially well in bathrooms to warm the freezing tiles.

Undermount sink A sink that is installed beneath the vanity and hangs underneath, offering a seamless fit between the sink and top.

WC (water-closet) A toilet.

Vanity The cabinet built underneath or around a bathroom basin.